Navy and Grey

April 7, 2013
L: Park & Cube R: Emmanuelle Alt & Geraldine Saglio

L: Park & Cube
R: Emmanuelle Alt & Geraldine Saglio

Even with spring finally showing face, I have had a hard time thinking about warm weather clothing and colours, since it’s still gloomy out. Spring and fall are both great for transition styles — my favourites, as I dislike constantly wearing big coats and have a hard time handling the heat sometimes — but I am a fall girl through and through since I am very much attached to my darker palette of hues.

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I wear navy a lot. My other colour is grey, and I have found that I quite love the combination of both. Someone once chastised me for wearing black and navy together (!), because apparently you can’t wear the two at the same time. Is there a similar, misguided rule about navy and grey, I wonder? Continue Reading »


Footwear Wardrobe Additions

March 18, 2013

Footwear Wardrobe Additions
I am not really a shoe gal. I do appreciate beautiful and elegant shoes, but for my own needs, I usually go for basic, versatile pairs that will integrate well to my wardrobe. I can almost never justify buying a fancy pair of shoes that I will wear only once or twice since I attend very few special events. I am not saying I don’t own any of those, just that I don’t aspire to own a full shoe closet. I walk and take public transportation, work in an office environment with a significant distance between my desk and the printer and do presentations at university, and that’s what I need footwear for. I’ve recently added two pairs of shoes to my wardrobe, a basic black pump and a dressy flat. Both had been on my wishlist for over a year now, but it took me a little while to find the perfect ones. Continue Reading »


Roll Up Your Sleeves

February 4, 2013

J.Crew Stylist Cuffing Tips

“Most people tuck the cuff of the sleeve in and roll that up, but the cuff is a fun detail on the outfit. So, take the cuff and bring it up to the elbow. Then roll the remaining part of the sleeve up to the elbow. This way the cuff is always showing.” – Marina Dobreva, stylist for J.Crew

I read this little tip a little while back. I always roll the sleeves of my shirts and blouses up because my torso is long and cuffing my sleeves balances my body out. My cuffs were always neat, however, and I think I like them better in this laissez-faire style (even if, let’s be real, there’s nothing lazy about it)!


Reassessment of my Shopping Habits

January 31, 2013


Happy new year everyone! It’s still January, at least here in Canada it is, so it’s not too late for me to wish you all the best for the upcoming year.

Year 2012 has been quite eventful for me, starting with the opening of this blog. In fact, Tonight at Noon has completed its first year of existence as of five days ago! No, it doesn’t seem like it at all since I haven’t written that much, but I’m not giving up in any way. Blame my temporary Candy Crush Saga addiction for my lack of updates and please expect more posts from me this year!

With all new years come resolutions. I never really fulfill all my new year resolutions, but I always seem to come up with some anyway because it’s the thing to do as you wait for midnight to come, right?

Normally, every January, I reassess my consumption habits. Last year was the year I favoured quality over quantity. In the years prior I had made many regrettable purchases, most of which ended up in a storage box under my bed waiting to be sold or given away to other homes. In 2012, I have acquired items that I feel really represented me and that integrated into and consolidated the rest of my wardrobe really well. I was in fact able to check off a few items I had been on the hunt for, notably a beige trenchcoat (Zara), a navy peacoat (BCBG) simple black leather ballerine flats (Banana Republic) and a black leather satchel. I am not saying I will stick to these specific pieces forever, but I truly do believe they will remain with me for a while and, as stated, go with everything I already have or will acquire. Continue Reading »

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Birthday at Park Restaurant

December 2, 2012
Asian Salad

Asian Salad

I am currently swamped with school projects and assignments, and soon final exams, but I still took some time off to celebrate my birthday (November 23rd). I am now 25 years old, I’ve reached the quarter of the century and the next age range checkbox on surveys! I thought it’d more of a shock, but I’m taking it well so far! But maybe only because I haven’t really had time to sit down and breathe.

My boyfriend and I ate at Les deux gamins, which is a French bistro located on the Plateau. Very lovely place, not pretentious, with good and courteous service. I didn’t think about taking photos there — admittedly, the fare was rather typical French, with the usual selections of tartares, duck, etc. I do recommend it for a romantic evening, that much I can say! But this review is about Park Restaurant, at which I have eaten with a friend on Saturday. I could finally try this so-called best Montreal sushi restaurant of the year! Continue Reading »


Wishlist Wednesday No. 3

October 24, 2012

1. J.Crew Perfect Shirt in Chambray Polka Dot / 2. Mango Touch Polka Dot Wool Foulard in Royal Blue / 3. Aerie Reese Limited Edition Pushup Bra and Thong in Gunmetal / 4. Dr. Hauschka Rejuvenating Mask / 5. Marais USA Rover Bootie in Black / 6. Madewell The Teddy Loafer in Studded Suede / 7. Aquiesse Sandalwood and Vanille Large Candle / 8. Madewell Dotted Silk Boyshirt

It’s no secret I love polka dots, but they’re all over the place on this wishlist collage. The J.Crew chambray shirt is already ordered — but backordered until November — and the lingerie set is in my cart, waiting for me to commit to the purchase.


Kitchen Adventures

October 16, 2012

I love food, but I’m not a great cook. I can fix some meals that taste good — my boyfriend says he loves my shepherd’s pie and that my chicken fettucine alfredo is the best there is, but I think he’s half-lying to make me happy! 🙂 — but overall I don’t really know my way around the kitchen and I definitely need help material, most notably a magazine or my smartphone, to guide me. That said, I love trying and I feel quite proud of myself when I do try. Let’s be real and forget about actually succeeding, it happens only 60% of the time.

We usually spend a lot of money on eating out at the restaurant, so as an attempt to cut back on our expenses, my boyfriend and I decided to try cooking something new every week-end. We’re being both frugal and creative, ooooo. So as you can see from the main image of this post, our first cooking adventure involved making kimbap. Kimbap is similar to sushi but only because of the rice, seaweed and overall appearance. But the similarities pretty much stop there. Kimbap is typically made with meat and veggies, as opposed to raw fish for sushi. The rice is flavoured with salt and sesame oil, and no dipping sauce is required. I find one roll of kimbap quite filling, as opposed to a roll of sushi that leaves me hungry an hour later. Continue Reading »


Summer Diary of Sorts

August 24, 2012

Parc-nature de l'Ile-de-la-Visitation

Parc-nature de l’Ile-de-la-Visitation

Summer has almost come to an end. I was lucky enough to have enjoyed nearly four months of vacation from school this year, as my final exams were scheduled early.

It had a rocky start, emotionally, but any issues I had were resolved not long after and I’ve been able to enjoy the season with a smile and a positive attitude. I tried to do the things I like and have missed (as one should!). While I’d like to see my friends more often and constantly spam their Facebook walls with “I need to see you ASAP to catch up!” messages, such plans rarely quite come to fruition considering that our schedules almost never match. So when the opportunity to hang out with them, or to travel with them, does arise, I jump at the chance. These activities kept me away from my blog a little, but I took the time today to create a small compilation of photos from my summer. Mostly for my memories sake, but for your viewing pleasure as well, hopefully! Continue Reading »


Summer Make-up Routine

June 16, 2012

My love for make-up is fairly recent. I have worn foundation and simple eye make-up for a long time, but it’s only in the last year or so that I’ve started being more interested in cosmetics such as blushes and lip colours. What went on to become a tiny obsession with both of these things (and skincare products) is the culprit for this seemingly constant hole in my wallet. When I’m not whining over how quickly my disposable income vanishes, I tell myself that it is all necessary in order for me to figure out the look I want to go for and stick to. Well, at least, until something new and cool and delightful gets released, then I might cheat a little bit on my favourite products and play with new ones, but I digress.

Now that summer has come, I realized that make-up routine differs this season. Thanks to a recent short trip to Florida, I was able to tan a little more than usual. So, while in the winter I use a lot of blush (I just really love blush), I found myself focusing on highlighting when the sun is out. This new, dare I say, golden glow — a term I never thought I’d use to describe my skin, how exciting! — looks best with just a little shimmer on the cheekbones. So here is my summer make-up routine. Continue Reading »


Quest for the Perfect Earrings

May 20, 2012

Everybody who knows me knows I don’t wear much jewelry. I did go through phases — long necklaces, huge earrings, funky rings, silver jewelry, gold jewelry — but I gave or threw away most of a my pieces a little while back, wishing to stick only to the essentials. I now have one or two pairs of earrings for special occasions, and a skinny gold ring I wear daily. Lately I’ve been wanting to acquire a basic, elegant pair of earrings to wear daily. So I’ve been scouring the web in search for the perfect ones. I didn’t want overly simple round diamonds studs, yet I didn’t want them to be too eccentric either as they had to complement all my outfits. I’ve finally found what I wanted: Herkimer diamonds.

Herkimer diamonds are double-terminated crystals and are thankfully often retained in their raw shape in most jewelry pieces I’ve seen online. They are elegant yet not as a common as other cut diamonds. Knowing what type of rock I wanted, I started window shopping. Continue Reading »