A Wardrobe for Fall, and Beyond

September 11, 2013

It’s that time of the year: my favourite season rolls around, and I can’t wait to take out my trench coat, sweaters, scarves and ankle boots. With the arrival of fall, I usually crave for something new to fit the colder weather, but I would have to say, right at this moment, I don’t feel any rush to expand or refresh my wardrobe.

I believe I am having a bit of a difficulty reconciling my expenses with the amount of happiness and satisfaction I am actually getting at the moment. I definitely think a reassessment of my spending habits is in order. In an ideal world, I would save absolutely all the money I would be using on shopping for travel instead. I long to fly out somewhere again, spend a week away from my current routine and live some new experiences, more than I wish to acquire something material and new. The reality, however, is that I am nowhere near that mindset yet. I get swayed, I can change my mind easily in just a few days, start obsessing over a sweater or a scarf and completely dismiss what I have just said.

My long-term wishlist still exists, but again, there is no rush, and until I find the perfect piece, I won’t commit to anything. It is definitely not a checklist in any way, but here are some style wants fit for the upcoming months.

Fall Wardrobe Wishlist 1Country Road / J.Crew / Zara

A polka dotted knit — If there is one thing I am actively looking for, it is a comfortable grey knit with black polka dots. The size of the spots and the distance between them is also very important. I am being very specific, but since missing out on the J.Crew one pictured above, I have been on the lookout for something similar if not identical. Nothing affordable and accessible has come up yet.

A pair of black ankle boots — I’ve featured these Zara boots in the previous post. I have tried them on, they look great and are comfortable, but I am less ecstatic about the lack of zippers. The opening of the boots are narrow, which I hoped for, but it makes it difficult to slide your foot in without sitting down. I am not ready to commit on these yet, but black ankle boots have been on my wishlist for a while and I can certainly wait a little more.

Fall Wardrobe Wishlist 3Madewell

A touch of burgundy — Burgundy red and plums seem to have been featured in a few fall lookbooks I have seen so far, including Madewell’s and Jack Wills’. I own absolutely nothing in these colours, and I have to admit I am finding myself drawn to them this season. I would want a knit, out of which I would probably get more wear than a clutch that isn’t practical for everyday life (or school, for that matter). I have not seen anything particular that I liked, however. I just like the idea of adding burgundy to my established personal palette of grey, navy, black and white.

Fall Wardrobe Wishlist 2Source unknown / Madewell

Nude footwear — Nude shoes elongate the legs and are very elegant and versatile. Probably not a shade suited for fall, but I will keep my eyes open if I walk by any sales — without being tempted just by the price!

The perfect denim — You know when you’ve found the perfect style of jeans and keep buying it over and over again in different washes? I thought I had found it when Gap first released their 1969 Premium Jeans line. They have since changed the construction of a lot of their models and they now leave much to be desired. Despite trying on dozens of pairs at various retailers, I have not yet come across one I’ve loved. I still wear jeans almost daily, but I would really like to find the perfect non-saggy, mid-rise skinny jeans that won’t cost $200 or that will last longer than a year of wear.

What would help you achieve your idea of perfect personal style for fall?

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  1. 09/11/2013Kali Vine says:

    How I like that kind of fall post! This is also my favourite season, and I tend to be drawn to a lot of colours and items even though, like you, I’m looking to spend my money on experiences rather than objects. My fall focus this year are cashmere or merino wool knits, and ankle boots of course. Like you, I like burgundy/plum a lot this season. Maybe you could start with a long sleeved top if you are not sure how you would wear it? It is less expensive and can be used as an experiment before going for a more expensive knit or bag.

  2. 09/12/2013Christine says:

    You are right! I often dismiss long-sleeved tops for no reason whatsoever, and forget how easily they can be worn. I will definitely consider one of those for my ‘touch of burgundy’. Thank you for the great suggestion!

  3. 09/11/2013Fog & Forest says:

    This fall I plan to invest in a good pair of leather ankle boots and a nice coat. This is definitely the year I stop buying poorly constructed garments that end up not fitting me just because they’re affordable, and instead focus on a few things I really want that I will get a lot of wear out of. I also made a vow to knit all of my own scarves and hats this winter!

  4. 09/12/2013Christine says:

    I have recently purchased a simple striped T-shirt from Zara. Big mistake: one spin in the washer, and it came out twisted, with the seams now running diagonally! Despite the low price, and therefore not a big loss, it’s infuriating to buy garments so poorly made that they don’t even look right anymore after only one wear. So yes, like you, I will have to really focus on quality and stop being swayed by low prices.

    How I wished I knew how to knit! Being able to get exactly what you want must be exciting. Good luck in your upcoming knitting projects!

  5. 09/12/2013Tammy T. says:

    those two polka dotted sweaters are truly perfect! i pretty much love and wear most of the things i own; there is no need for me to shop more, as i truly want to save for future travels, just like you… however, something needs to be done about my denim obsession 😛 i already rotate between 2-3 staple jeans, but they’re not perfect perfect….

  6. 09/18/2013Christine says:

    I am starting to believe perfect jeans are probably almost impossible to find! Even when I think I’ve found a pair I love, I realize a few wears later that something isn’t quite right. That, or they get discontinued! 🙁

  7. 09/13/2013Girl6 NYC says:

    Short list of what I would like is a nice olive green parka, a not too short leather skirt. Like you, Ive searched high & low for the perfect jeans and I think Ive found my holy grail pair under $200… the J Crew toothpick jeans. They don’t sag, the have a lot of washes, not all are mid rise but they do have mid rise and best of all… theyre about $125ish or a lot less if you catch them during one of their sales.

  8. 09/18/2013Christine says:

    Thanks for the tip! There are no J.Crew stores in Montreal, and I’d rather shop for jeans in person, so I’ll have to wait till I go to a city with a store. I will definitely keep them in mind!

  9. 09/22/2013Karissa H says:

    Fall is my favorite season to dress! Unfortunately it doesn’t last long enough and I end up grabbing my warmer coats over blazers and light vests too fast…:( Burgundy would be a lovely addition of color to your wardrobe! I do admit I tend to stay on the safe side with navy, black or white haha but burgundy seems to be the perfect new navy 😉

  10. 10/2/2013Aurélie-Letizia says:

    I just discovered your blog and what a discovery WOW! You’re doing a great job! If you’re interested in working with brands, we would love to count you part of Made in Blog (you just need to register online), we have some great campaigns currently that i’m pretty sure you would love! I hope to meet you soon!

  11. 10/5/2013Christine says:

    Thank you so much for the compliment! Sure makes me wanna work harder, and glad you like the blog. 🙂 I will surely take a look at Made in Blog, thank you!

  12. 10/3/2013Lena Han says:

    Hey Hanako (Christine)! I found your blog through your old livejournal. We used to comment on eachother’s livejournals 😀 So glad to see that you have continued blogging. I always liked reading your posts!

  13. 10/5/2013Christine says:

    Lena! I remember you! I hope you are doing well. 🙂 Ahh good ol’ Livejournal days. Glad to see you’ve continued as well!

  14. 10/6/2013Liz says:

    There’s something about fall that makes people want to shop extra hard! Cold weather means more coats, more pants, etc. It’s really difficult to practice restraint when we’re scouting for the latest in trends at the same time. Making a list like you have definitely helps though! Good luck finding that perfect pair of boots. 🙂

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