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July 19, 2013

J.Crew Double Crepe Skirt
In order to stick to my shopping goals, I keep a very concise long-term wishlist as far as clothing and accessories are concerned so I can focus on my actual needs when shopping. I do bookmark some items I stumble upon while browsing for later consideration, but a lot of them end up being 86’d when I realize they were just a spur of the moment thing. It’s a good way for me to avoid impulse purchases.

For a long time I had two specific types of skirts on my needs wishlist, chosen because they would integrate my wardrobe seamlessly — at least in my head. One was a grey textured (think tweed-esque) skirt and the other a navy blue skirt. For both pieces I wanted specific characteristics, mostly a flared or tulip shape, a non-flimsy construction and on-seam pockets. While I am still on the hunt for a perfect grey skirt — and I may end up asking my mother to sew me one — I have found the most perfect basic navy skirt in the form of J.Crew’s double crepe skirt.

I had oooh-ed and aaah-ed over it for a few weeks before committing to the purchase during a 30% off promotion and using a gift card. Otherwise, the skirt would have been more expensive than I would have wanted it to be (note: prices are higher on the Canadian website), especially for something I couldn’t see in real life beforehand. I was very pleased when I received the skirt in the mail, however.

I was worried about the quality, as the material is 100% polyester, and about the fit, since I could not try it on. The material is a weighty fabric that will definitely not make the skirt fly up with a gust of wind. I’ve loaded the pockets with items — card wallet, keys, transit pass, blotting sheets, lip balm — and it held up well. You know how sometimes putting things in your pockets causes your garment to sag? Didn’t happen here. So even though the material is polyester, with proper care, I can feel this skirt lasting a long time and it definitely does not feel cheap.

The size 2 was also perfect: tight enough to show off my waist and body shape but without restricting my breathing. For reference, my natural waist measurement is 27 inches on a normal day if I haven’t, ahem, gotten carried away with food.

I’ve already worn this skirt a couple of times — with a striped top, a sleeveless silk blouse, a grey v-neck t-shirt. It truly is a versatile and flattering piece and my favourite latest purchase. What is yours?

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  1. 07/19/2013Prêt à Porter P says:

    Polyester is can actually be a good fabric for bottoms. It doesn’t wrinkle as much, machine washable, doesn’t fade, and hangs dry. It’s in tops that I don’t like it too much since it’s not very breathable.

  2. 07/20/2013Kali Vine says:

    It feels good to find something that seems to land right in the spot! My favourite latest purchase is a pair of brown sandals found by chance at Madewell. Perfect colour and shape, and very comfortable.

  3. 07/20/2013Sue says:

    I think that looks like a gorgeous little skirt there. I think it’s better not to always be so hung up on materials like polyester because in some cases, I find they are more suited to different styles and like Pret a Porter P says, there is less creasing – one thing I don’t like is when you get the very wrinkled creases which come with some cotton skirts after literally bending down in them the once. Whatever you paid for it … I think it was worth it as it seems to be earning it’s keep already. I’ve yet to indulge in a little J Crew – for some reason, ordering from overseas seems a step too far for me in the shopping online stakes.

  4. 07/23/2013jamie-lee says:

    Gosh darn it, you make it sound so perfect – I just went on to the J Crew website and alas it is sold out in small sizes! I find it difficult to shop from J Crew because the sizing is all over the place, when I was in the US I ended up buying a skirt that was a 00… which I know is far from my actual size.

    I agree with Sue that not too much weighting should be put onto what the materials are – as polyesters or man made materials can be just as good, and rather unfortunately, seem to have the same effect on the environment as natural fibres (due to the mass production).

    Looks lovely on you! My fave last purchase is probably the Acne shore knit tunic – doubles as a heavy knit or tunic style dress or a cardigan!,

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