Everlane Weekender

June 1, 2013

Everlane Weekender in Black

At the beginning of March, Everlane held an impressive funding campaign in the hopes of making their products available to Canadians. First of all, I must comment on how great that idea was. Asking supporters to pledge an amount of their choice in exchange for store credit and other benefits is an excellent way to gauge how profitable their business would be. Bringing their business over here involves a lot of risks, and they were able to minimize the impact of said risks with this campaign. The campaign was fully funded a few days before the deadline, ensuring the March 21st launch date as well as the opening of a popup shop in Toronto. I was already fascinated with their processes, and they proved to be once again quite innovative.

That said, aside from their great marketing, they of course have very attractive garments as well. I am a big fan of the sleek, streamlined look of their items, and the prices certainly don’t hurt. I pledged a small amount during the campaign which allowed me to benefit from one-time free shipping. I thus ordered the one thing I had been lusting after since the inception of Everlane.

My most coveted item was their Weekender bag. I was looking to replace the travel bag I had bought a few years ago, which was from Mural Paris. Though it is pretty durable, it is slathered with a black and cream damask pattern, the aesthetics of which I don’t fancy anymore. The biggest problem was its straps — short, hard, painful. It’s still a very good bag that I will keep, but for quick trips, I needed something a little more practical and comfortable to carry. The Everlane Weekender sports a look that is more subtle (and that some may call a little boring). It is made of canvas and has leather detailing. The leather straps are long and flat, which means the bag can be carried over the shoulder comfortably.

I have yet to use it on an actual trip, but as soon as summer school is out in three weeks, I’ll be going south of the border for a long week-end. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to go somewhere right now just to test drive this bag! Initial impressions, however, are very good. I chose the bag in black, because it will show the dirt much less. Had I ordered a week later, however, I probably would’ve chosen the new Reverse-Denim model.

The bag is quite roomy and could probably fit about 15-20 garments — depending on their thickness and size — with extra space for a toiletry kit and two pairs of shoes. Perfect for a long weekend trip, or even a week-long one if you are not going to do any shopping! There is one zippered pocket on the inside and two side pockets on the outside.


The straps look sturdy despite some reviews saying otherwise but I wished they were double-layered or lined in some way. I worry that they will fray over time.

The ordering process was smooth and easy. There was no tracking for the package once it shipped (boo), most probably because the delivery costs are relatively low (okay, yay!). Delivery took approximately two weeks to Montreal.

One downside for us Canadians is the inflation of prices due to duties, where applicable, and taxes — always a bummer. The good thing is that the prices we are charged are as marked (before shipping), and Everlane provides a breakdown of the costs for each item. I understand that duties and taxes are inevitable, and I appreciate the transparency as I don’t think I’ve ever seen any other online store doing this. Even with the increased prices, the garments remain affordable considering the much more expensive alternatives on the market, especially after factoring in the tax, shipping and import costs for Canada.

I considered getting other things, most notably the High-Low belt, which was and still is unfortunately sold out in my size and rhum colour. I also quite like their silk blouses, but I have accumulated quite a many of such tops over the last year and my dry cleaning bill is already high as it is…

Have you ever ordered from Everlane? What items have you purchased or are on your wishlist?

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  1. 06/2/2013Fog & Forest says:

    I’ve never ordered from Everlane, though I’ve always admired their products. I am definitely in need of a new weekend bag though, as the one I have is pretty hideous. Love love love this one!

  2. 06/4/2013Christine says:

    I’ve lusted after their products for months before they started shipping to Canada! I really needed to change my weekender bag as well, phew!

  3. 06/3/2013Jahncie says:

    Thank you so much for doing a kind of review of this bag by Everlane! I’ve been kind of lusting after it because i really need a new weekender, so the more people have good things to say about it the more it pushes me to get it because i need it! Thank you!!!

  4. 06/4/2013Christine says:

    You’re quite welcome! I hope you’ll be happy with it should you decide to purchase it. 🙂

  5. 06/3/2013Karissa H says:

    You do sound like a marketing student hehe, nice review! You’ll be able to use your bag soon! 🙂

  6. 06/4/2013Christine says:

    Not so soon anymore, apparently, but hey, it’ll be there when needed 🙂

  7. 06/4/2013Bridget says:

    Oh, I love drooling over Everlane. I’ve been eying the plain t-shirts and this very weekender bag, actually.

  8. 06/9/2013Christine says:

    I’m waiting for them to bring bag the Ryan tee! Hopefully in nice neutral colours.

  9. 06/8/2013Catherine says:

    I love the weekender bag, and I think the black is a beautiful color choice. I’ve been eyeing the rhum High-Low belt too (as well as the black), and I can’t wait for them to restock it! I’m such a huge Everlane fan.

    As for the silk blouses, since you’re considering buying one, I feel obligated to warn you that a few of my sister and my silk blouses from them have all started fraying around the buttons on the sleeves (and other people have mentioned the same problem). Honestly it’s not in a very visible place, and using some fabric fraying glue from the fabric store remedied the situation completely, but I just thought I’d give you a heads-up since you were thinking of purchasing one. I still wear mine all the time (as well as the regular tees), but for an $80 blouse, I was a bit disappointed that they all seem to have this issue! Hopefully they solve this problem~

  10. 06/9/2013Christine says:

    Thank you so much for the heads up! I will definitely keep this in mind next time I feel like buying one of them on impulse. I hope yours won’t get any worse.

  11. 06/24/2013Amaris says:

    This looks like such a great weekender bag. I’m going on a trip at the end of July, so this would be the perfect thing to purchase, hmm …

  12. 07/8/2013miss_sophie says:

    what a lovely and much-needed review! 🙂 have you had a chance to use it yet? i love the design but am mostly concerned about how comfy and durable the leather straps are…

  13. 07/9/2013Christine says:

    Thank you!
    Unfortunately not! The trip that was supposed to happen has been pushed back, but I’m taking it out for sure at the beginning of August! I’ll report back on how the straps are holding up.

  14. 07/11/2013Tracy says:

    Found your blog by doing a search for Everlane products. Thanks for the honest review. I’ve been on the fence about the bag for ages, but the silk tops are really beautiful in person.

  15. 07/15/2013Christine says:

    You’re welcome! I hope this review helped you make a decision — I wished I could comment on the actual durability of the bag, but it’s too early to tell.

  16. 08/15/2013Jane says:

    Sorry for the super late comment, but I just came across your posting by doing a search on the weekender + canadian shipping. Great review! I recently ordered one myself and was wondering how long the shipping process took for you – was it on the shorter side of 2 weeks? Or closer to 3? I live in Toronto, but am hoping to get a ballpark… leaving on a trip very soon and hoping for the bag to get here before then!

  17. 08/15/2013Christine says:

    Thank you! I looked back at my order and text message history (haha) and it took exactly 14 calendar days from the shipping date to receive my package. Hope that helps!

  18. 08/16/2013Jane says:

    thanks very much! 🙂

  19. 12/17/2013Kathrine S says:

    Wow thanks for the detailed review, the pictures are awesome! I bought 2 silk blouses from Everlane and I love them! Definitely investment pieces. If I’ve come across your blog earlier I would have bought the weekender as well, but I’ve just placed a second order to buy the snap backpack a few days ago XD

  20. 12/17/2013Christine says:

    You’re welcome! And thank you! I have since used my weekender and can attest that the straps held up well (and were indeed very comfortable on the shoulder), but I wouldn’t know how many years it can last before breaking! The bag is however extremely roomy yet remains sturdy and light.
    I definitely have two silk blouses on my wishlist right now! I love the rounded collar In truffle and dusk, two very beautiful colours I think I absolutely have to include in my wardrobe.
    The snap backpack is very tempting, I must admit, though I wouldn’t know when to use it! I love it in the reverse denim material.

  21. 02/26/2014PR says:

    How is the bag holding up today? Any colour issues, strap issues? (Everlane told me they’re changing the material to twill instead of cotton canvas so I might grab one soon before they make the switch!)

    Nice review btw!

  22. 02/27/2014Christine says:

    I have only used the bag on two weekend (shopping-filled) trips so far so I wouldn’t be able to tell yet how it would hold up with more frequent usage. As far as the straps go, they definitely show a little bit of wear, but considering how thin they are, that was to be expected. It’s nothing too drastic, and the seams that hold them to the bag are still very much intact. Here is a photo of the wear I am talking about: http://tonightatnoon.com/images/everlane_weekender_straps.jpg

    I did not have any colour issues (no colour transfer from rubbing on my clothes, no fading thus far) and the seams around the rest of the bag are still sturdy and holding up very well. Hope that helps!

  23. 03/23/2014Daphne says:

    Thanks for such a thorough review! I just received my first Everlane purchase, which consists of the Silk Point Collar in Pine (blouse), the Slouchy V-Neck in Light Grey (cashmere sweater), and the Weekender in Solid Ash Blue. I love the silk blouse and the color – it’s not quite pine, and not quite black, and serves as a unique neutral color. The sweater is very cozy and warm. One sweater drawback is that you have to be mindful of pilling – it pills after a mere three wears.

    I have yet to use the Weekend, but am glad you report that the straps do not wear down too terribly – it was one thing I was scared about. I am contemplating sending it back for the suede – what are your thoughts?

  24. 03/23/2014Christine says:

    Lovely! I am quite in love with their new colour collection and have my eyes set on a Mulberry silk blouse, either the band or point collar one. It’s too bad about the pilling on the cashmere sweater, but I think it’s something to expect from that kind of material. Do you think it was still worth the price?

    I think the suede Weekender is absolutely lush and beautiful, but I tend to be a little carefree about bags and other such accessories. For me, personally, the suede material would require too much maintenance and I would worry about it getting dirty or scuffed all the time. Canvas is still durable and I can throw the bag in the overhead bin without worrying too much about damaging it.

  25. 03/23/2014Daphne says:

    The sweater was definitely worth the price. Basic cashmere sweaters elsewhere (J. Crew, really) run about $100 more at times, even for the thin cashmere tee’s. I like Everlane because it does offer basic, classic pieces for a fair price. The sweater is thick enough to keep you comfortable in 60 degree (F) weather. I think you’re right about the pilling – it isn’t too bad, I just noticed a bit. I had the same thoughts about the suede – glad you confirmed!

  26. 05/29/2014katie says:

    Hi, I would like to
    share my experience with the brand Everlane with you. Unfortunately it has been
    an extremely difficult and upsetting experience. I do not want anyone else to
    spend good money with a company that does not care about its customers.

    I purchased a Petra Market Tote on the 5th March 2014.
    Within the first couple of weeks of receiving the bag, one side of the bag’s
    leather started to bubble up and away from the suede interior lining, leaving
    the bag looking bubbly and like an extremely cheap looking handbag.

    I contacted Everlane on the 7th April with photographs and
    an explanation of what has happened. I also advised that I had purchased the
    handbag and had it forwarded onto Australia at my own extra cost. I received a
    reply from ‘Brian’ within 4 days (contrary to their 24 hr reply system.) He was
    apologetic and offered to replace the ‘defective’ bag and that although it was
    not their standard policy, they would ship the replacement bag to Australia.
    ‘Brian’ asked for my shipping address, I replied and sent my address back with
    in 12 hours.

    Then I heard nothing from Everlane. I sent one email on the
    1st of May, another one on the 8th of May before getting a response from
    ‘Brian’ on the 19th of May, apologizing for the delay and stating “We’re
    still a small team here and with all of the new product launches recently,
    we’ve been a little bit swamped” How hard is it to send out a replacement
    for a faulty bag when they ship out items on a daily basis? I was asked to
    AGAIN send my details, to which I did, again within 12 hours.

    Today is the 29th of May and I have since sent
    another email requesting any information and to be kept updated on my
    replacement bag or a refund.

    It has now been 7 WEEKS since my initial email and I have
    been extremely patient and polite until now and I do not know what to do with a
    company that treats it customers like they do not care! Any advise or help with
    this issue with Everlane would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou, Katie

  27. 05/29/2014Christine says:

    Hello Katie, I am very sorry to hear this has happened to you.
    The only experience I have had with Everlane is the one I’ve written about in this post. Due to me only being a customer, I regret to say that I would not be able to help you with this matter. In times where contacting customer service leads nowhere, it is not a bad idea to take it to the company’s Facebook page. According to the posts on Everlane’s, It seems as though they are swamped with customer service requests lately and have been experiencing some delay. I saw that you already posted this same message over there and that they had replied, so I do hope your issue will get resolved soon!

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