Brunch at Régine Café

June 30, 2013


Once in a while, you hear about a newly-opened restaurant that you just have to get to as soon as possible. I would say Régine Café is one such restaurant, but I unfortunately only had the chance to go a couple of days ago with two girlfriends. Opened in October of last year, Régine Café specializes in brunch and lunch, all week long. It had gotten really great reviews from customer and media critics alike, it’s near my house and brunch is my favourite meal to go for when I eat out, so needless to say I was very excited.

I wished I had gotten a proper inside shot of the restaurant, but it was decorated in a very shabby chic manner. Multiple ornate frames lined the walls and the furniture was of Victorian style, with brocade and pattern upholstery. Some might think it was all a little kitsch, but I personally found it worked well.

Upon sitting down, we were served the shooter of the day: a pear and spinach smoothie. I was a little apprehensive about the mix, but it was actually quite delicious! I would have taken a full drink if it had been available on the menu.

Chic Croissant

Chic Croissant

Le Big Fish

Le Big Fish

One of my friends got the Chic Croissant: French croissant with scrambled eggs, pulled ham, old cheddar and spinach sauce. This plate was served with greens, beans, homestyle mashed potatoes as well as a side of fruits, which is typical of almost any breakfast or brunch menu item. I only got a small bite of the croissant, but the pulled ham was very good. From my friend’s comments, the sauce was creamy but not too rich and paired well with the rest.

The other got the Big Fish, which was focaccia, trout gravlax, cucumber, sour cream and dill. This was actually a lunch menu item. It was good, she said, but nothing to write home about.




My own plate gets two photos because I didn’t have to make anyone but myself wait before eating! I got the Gauffré, a tantalizing combination of corn waffles and trout gravlax, topped with a tomato salsa, greens, cream with chives and caramelized onions. This was absolutely amazing. The waffles were both soft and crispy and went well with the gravlax. It’s a combination I never would have though of! I devoured my whole plate and would willingly order this again a few more times.

My order also include a simple latte, which was very good, but I am not very opinionated about coffee — it’s hard to displease me!

I hear Régine Café is quite busy on weekends, with the possibility of having to line up. We went on a Tuesday and were seated immediately. The service was also great — courteous and very friendly. I would definitely go back anytime soon, and try out the other things on their menu.

Régine Café
1840 Beaubien E. St.
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  1. 06/30/2013Tammy T. says:

    can’t wait to go back 🙂

  2. 07/1/2013Christine says:


  3. 06/30/2013jamie-lee says:

    The pear and spinach smoothie sounds delish! Ah and you’re making me hungry with these pics – good thing it’s almost lunchtime. I think I’m going to have to pay Regine Cafe a visit shoudl I ever make it to Quebec!

  4. 07/1/2013Christine says:

    It was, even though I didn’t really think it would be any good! I was pleasantly surprised. Montreal has loads of interesting and quaint eateries you should definitely check out if you ever come over here! 🙂

  5. 07/1/2013Lindsay K says:

    I will have to put this on my list for my next Montreal trip. I love Montreal in the fall- it makes for a nice cozy long weekend I think.

  6. 07/2/2013Nila says:

    Miam ca l’air bon!! On ira ensemble!!

  7. 07/15/2013Catherine says:

    Miam tout ça a l’air tellement délicieux! J’adore ton blog, tes photos et tes articles m’inspirent vraiment, je voulais te le dire! 🙂

  8. 07/15/2013Catherine says:

    Catherine de

  9. 07/15/2013Christine says:

    Ton commentaire me fait vraiment plaisir! Merci!
    Je lis aussi ton blog depuis peu, bonne continuation! <3

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